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Outdoor Fishing Hat - Anti-Insect Sunscreen

Outdoor Fishing Hat - Anti-Insect Sunscreen

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Attribute: outdoor mosquito net head cover.
Net weight: 0.03 kg/gross weight: 11 kg/box.
Years of use: 1 year characteristics: insect repellent.
Origin: zhejiang yiwu material: 70D nylon mosquito net cloth.
Process requirements: high strength nylon rope suture fabric weight: unknown.
Material origin: mosquito net (shandong) material composition: mosquito net cloth (100% polyester)
Design: single - set head mosquito net packing method: 1 / plastic bag, 500 / box.
Carton size: 50*400*30CM.



"Outdoor Fishing Night Fishing Anti-Insect Anti-Mosquito Hat" is a product that addresses the problem of insects and mosquitoes while engaging in outdoor activities, particularly fishing at night.

This hat is designed to protect you from insects and mosquitoes during your outdoor fishing trips, especially when visibility is reduced at night. It features a built-in mesh netting that covers your face and neck, creating a barrier against insects and mosquitoes. The mesh netting allows for proper airflow, ensuring comfort while keeping bugs away.

By wearing this hat, you can enjoy your fishing experience without constantly being bothered by insects or worrying about mosquito bites. It provides an effective solution to the annoyance and potential health risks associated with insect bites, allowing you to focus on your fishing activities.

In summary, the Outdoor Fishing Night Fishing Anti-Insect Anti-Mosquito Hat solves the problem of insect and mosquito nuisance, providing protection and peace of mind during outdoor fishing trips, particularly at night.

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