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Hanging Waist Fan Light Outdoors

Hanging Waist Fan Light Outdoors

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Product information:

Fan blade material: plastic
Additional function: Mobile power supply
Color: Orange red, silver, light blue
Capacity: 5000 mA, 10000 mA
Appearance size: 93 * 113 * 59mm

Packing list:

Fan * 1 charging cable *

Hanging Waist Fan Light Outdoors is a product that is used outdoors. This product is a combination of a fan and light designed in the form of a waist bag. When used, especially in hot weather, it can provide a cool airflow around your body, helping to keep you cool. Additionally, the integrated light provides illumination in dark environments.

This product can be helpful in activities such as outdoor exercises, hiking, picnics, or camping, where it can mitigate the effects of heat and offer users a more comfortable experience. It also fulfills the need for lighting in low-light or nighttime environments.

In summary, Hanging Waist Fan Light Outdoors offers a solution for cooling off in hot weather and providing lighting in low-light environments.


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