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1pc Fish Catching Gloves

1pc Fish Catching Gloves

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1pc Fish Catching Gloves

 Size Front length  (CM)   Back length (CM)
 M  12  19
 L  13  20
 XL  13  21

The size is for reference only and there may be a manual error of 1-3cm.


"1pc Fish Catching Gloves" , the problem solving a few issues that arise during fishing.

These gloves are designed to protect your hands and provide certain advantages while fishing. These functional gloves can help solve the following problems:

1. Protection from fish scratches: During fishing, the sharp fins or teeth of fish can potentially scratch your hands. These gloves provide protection against such scratches, keeping your skin safe.

2. Improved grip on the fish: When catching a fish, it can be challenging to hold onto it due to slipperiness or the fish's movement. The special materials and design of these gloves can help you achieve a better grip on the fish, enhancing your holding power.

3. Ensuring hygiene: Gloves provide a hygienic solution to prevent your hands from smelling or getting dirty after fishing. By using these gloves, you can handle the fish and keep your hands cleaner.

This product is designed to solve various issues during fishing, such as hand protection, improved fish grip, and maintaining hygiene.

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